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Setting Up Your Voice AI Chat-Bot: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're excited about developing an impactful and lively Voice AI chatbot, you're in the correct spot. Follow these straightforward steps to set up your bot for a captivating and interactive user experience.

Bot Configuration

1. Telegram Bot Setup

Start by creating a new Telegram bot on Telegram @BotFather and obtain the bot token. Enter your Telegram bot name and token in the appropriate fields.

Read the article "How to create Telegram bot" here

2. OpenAI Configuration

Input your OpenAI token to enable response generation. This will empower your bot with advanced language capabilities.

You can also choose your preferred version of Chat GPT.

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3. Elevenlabs.io Integration

Enter your Elevenlabs.io token to enable voice synthesis. This integration will bring your chat-bot to life with expressive and natural-sounding voices.

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Personalizing Your Chat-Bot

After clicking the Next button, you can personalize your chatbot

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4. Voice Selection

Choose a voice to speak the answers. Customize the personality of your chat-bot by selecting from a variety of voices available.

5. Prompt Customization

Set your desired prompt, welcome message, and error message to tailor the behavior of your chat-bot. Craft messages that align with the persona you want your bot to embody.

6. Greeting Customization

Customize the initial message to shape how your chatbot begins interactions.


Well done! Your Voice AI chatbot is now configured successfully. Witness your bot spring to life, poised to engage users with both text and voice interactions. Delve into the countless possibilities and transform your bot into a dynamic and enjoyable participant in the conversation.

For more details and services, visit the following links:

Telegram @BotFather


Before using your Telegram Bot, you need to check if it will connect successfully. Please go to your Node-RED environment and check if Telegram nodes have a connected status. In case of an error, please restart your flows.

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