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Setting Up a Messenger Bot: A Step-by-Step Guide

To establish a Messenger bot, it's crucial to configure your AI Bot application by saving the page ID and access token. Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate your bot with Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Log in to Facebook Developers

  1. Visit Facebook Developers.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Select Your App

Navigate to the "My Apps" section in the developer portal and choose the specific app for which you want to enable WhatsApp.

Select Your App

Step 3: Access Messenger Settings

  1. On the left-hand menu, click on "Messenger" and go to "Settings."

Messenger Settings

  1. If Messenger is not listed, add it by selecting "Add a Product" and choosing Messenger.

Add Messenger

Step 4: Page ID

Click on "Page ID," and it will be automatically copied. If you don't have a page, you can add one.

Page ID

Step 5: Token Generation

Next to the page, press "Generate Token." Check the checkbox and copy the generated token.

Token Generation

Step 6: Webhook Configuration

The final step is to add webhook fields. Configure the webhook by providing the necessary information.

Webhook Fields

Webhook Configuration

By following these steps, you've successfully set up your Messenger bot with the essential components – the page ID, access token, and webhook configuration. Your bot is now ready to engage with users on Facebook Messenger.

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